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Education & Training

Market Participants are expected to exercise sound judgement and to act in an ethical and professional manner.


Axiom Global Advisors can provide bespoke training to Market Participants to meet their business needs, as a firm and as individuals.

Using our library of training slides, bespoke slides, and reference to Axiom Global Advisor's Target Operating Model, we can explore the Code in general, focus on specific Principles, and explain what the Code specifically means to your FX activities. Our training and education sessions may include:

  • Introduction to the FX Global Code

  • Illustrative examples of business situations where the Principles of best practice may apply

  • Workshops across multiple stakeholder departments, covering the front-to-back trade life-cycle and associated functions impacted

  • Reviewing Governance, Oversight and Risk Management Functions

  • How does the FXGC impacts your FX Counterparty relationships?

  • Employee training certification

"We expect Firms, Senior Managers, Certified

Individuals and other relevant persons to take

responsibility for, and be able to demonstrate, their

own adherence with standards of market conduct. "

FCA statement on the publication of the FX Global

Code, 25th May 2017

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