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Axiom Global Advisors attend Finance Magnates London Summit 18

Nick Downes explaining the benefits of Adherence to the FXGC

Nick Downes speaking on a panel at Finance Magnates London Summit 2018 to raise awareness of the FX Global Code (FXGC) and the benefits of Adherence by the Retail FX community. The Summit brings together all participants of the Retail FX and Crypto industries (Brokers, Platforms, Technology Firms and Service Providers). Interesting response from the audience when they were asked to vote on "The Code's impact so far has been:" The result: 57% Very Positive; 43% Mildly Positive. That is 100% positive! Many thanks to Finance Magnates for their invitation and ACI UK for sponsoring the panel. Panelists included Anne Pounds, Stephane Malrait, Patrick Fleur and Nick Downes.

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