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Axiom Global Advisors chairs and moderates at FX Buy-Side Europe Amsterdam June 12 - 13th, 2019

Axiom Global Advisors co-Founder, Julian Gladwin attends FX Buy-side conference in Amsterdam. Julian chaired the second day of the conference and also moderated two panels:

Navigating the shifting liquidity landscape - TCA, Execution and Transparency


- Patrick Hoffman, Portfolio Manager, Stone Miller Asset Management

- Cyril Batkin, Senior Trader, Candriam

- Robbert Sijbrandij, Head of FX Flow Traders

Very revealing panel, that relationships with liquidity providers remains a very important to Investment Managers with managing their FX business. Transparency around execution management as a result of the FXGC has become very important too.

Fostering Best Practices in the FX Market


Alexandre Dube, Head of Financial Market Trading, Total SA

Tobias Helmersson, Chair of the GFXC Buy-Side Outreach Working Group

Christoph Hock, Head of Global Trading, Union Investments

Darryl Hooker, Executive Committee Member ACI UK

The panelists heavily promoted the FXGC, and that for the buy-side their are many benefits if firms truly perform a full review of the FX business. For investment managers, being "best of breed" and able to demonstrate to investors they use best practice in execution and processing of their FX business is a differentiator. Corporate executive management expects their Treasury Unit to use best practices in execution and risk management of the FX business. The FXGC has provided both organisations with the framework to manage their FX business to a higher standard. Employee training was also discussed as a very important commitment by firms in adhering to the Code.

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